Your Dream Job Candidates Are Falling Through The Cracks

By Steve Margalit

One of the collateral challenges of our strong economy is the shortage of high quality, active job seeking candidates.  As Executive Recruiters, we have an enormous opportunity to partner with both our client companies, and the network of high caliber candidates we have developed over the years yielding a win-win-win situation.  The most common shortfalls companies are experiencing in the hiring process are precisely where we can make the biggest impact in the process.

  • Our direct line of communication with both parties will lead to an improved candidate experience, which will limit damage to the employer brand.
  • Keeping candidates well informed, and making sure both parties’ timelines are synced help increase the odds of a successful outcome.
  • Finally, our ability to develop a top tier pipeline of talent and deliver on demand will mitigate losses due to bad hires.

This infographic that I came across in my research, prepared by SmartRecruiters, lays out our roadmap for partnership with hiring managers, human resources and the pool of talent within our network.

Your Dream Job Candidates Are Falling Through The Cracks

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Samirat Rivers

Samirat Rivers