“We salute our veterans for their service and continued success as FPC franchisees. It is also our distinct honor and privilege to support Mission 22 and their fight to end veteran suicide.”

- Jeff Herzog, President, FPC


A Few of Our Veteran Owners:

Shelly Blackman

Managing Partner
FPC of Bellwood, GA
8 Year USMC Veteran
Former Regional Dir of Operations
"There aren't any limits when you work for yourself. I am in charge of when & where I work. My business and income keep growing."

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Bob Farkas

FPC of Hillsborough, FL
20 Years retired Air Force Lt Col
Logistics Readiness Officer

John Reinke
John Reinke

Managing Partner
FPC of Riverwood, GA
Graduate United States Military Academy at West Point
Former Leader of Warehousing & Logistics Operations with a Fortune 500 company and at a privately held Third Party Logistics provider.

Tim Singley
Tim Singley

FPC of Palm Coast, FL
Graduate United States Military Academy at West Point
Former Plant Manager, V.P of Operations & GM

John Reinke, West Point
John Reinke, West Point
Why do veterans choose FPC?

John Reinke is a 2005 United States Military Academy graduate at West Point and served approximately eight and a half years on active duty as an Infantry Officer.  Over the course of his time in uniform, John served as a Light Infantry Platoon Leader, Ranger Platoon Leader, Assistant Operations Officer, and Reconnaissance Troop Commander during four deployments in support of the Global War on Terrorism, two deployments to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.

After joining Corporate America, John led Warehousing and Logistics operations with a Fortune 500 Company and at a privately held Third Party Logistics provider.  John and his business partner, Hunter Whirley, have a 10+ year long relationship working together in and out of uniform and joined the FPC network in December 2018.  Their firm specializes in Warehousing and Transportation Operations for Third Party Logistics Providers, Food & Beverage Distributors, Consumer Goods Distributors, and Automotive Aftermarket Parts and Accessories companies.

“My time as an Infantry Officer prepared me for business/franchise ownership because I was blessed with having to work in ambiguous, dynamic environments.  That experience helped me assess situations through multiple lenses, realize that reality is not founded in simple “black and white” solutions, and keep pushing forward regardless of current circumstance.”

Why do veterans choose FPC?

Shelly Blackman has attained the rank of SSgt (Staff Sergeant) as an eight-year veteran in the United States Marine Corps. Shelly recognizes that "as a business owner, no one makes all the right decisions, and many have their share of mistakes. But the most demanding organization I've ever been a part of, the USMC has prepared me to tackle any challenge I may face."
Skills and training as a Marine have been invaluable to Shelly as a franchise business owner; in addition to confidence, self-discipline, ethics, and leadership, every Marine also learns these four guiding principles:

  1. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. In the military, this translates into uniformity and order; the skill to focus on every small detail can often make or break your business.
  2. SPEED & INTENSITY. This is more than how fast you go; it's about passion, enthusiasm and drive to reach your goal.
  3. GIVE 100%, 100% OF THE TIME. You'll get from your business what you put into every aspect of running your franchise: your commitment to clients and candidates and the desire to make a difference in their lives.
  4. SEMPER FIDELIS. "Always Faithful" encompasses everything that a Marine is and does following the Marine Corps values: Honor, Courage, Commitment, having faith, and being devoted to the business at all times.

"For me, even with my Marine Corps training, I recognize that I can't succeed on my own. While I have the drive, the passion and the vision, the team at FPC delivers the support I need to complete my mission."

Shelly Blackman, USMC
Are you a Veteran with executive corporate experience in operations, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, etc.?

If you'd like to explore business ownership as FPC's executive recruiting franchisee, please contact Steve Margalit, Director of Franchisee Development: Direct: 212-302.1141 Ext 804. | Email:

P.S. United States Veterans receive a 10% discount on the franchise fee.