Why the
Recruiting Industry?

- Recruiting Industry
Thrive in a career determined by you

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, finding the best talent and recruiting high-quality professionals is critical to the success of virtually every organization. This demand for talent has produced an enormous growth in the recruiting industry.

By combining our knowledge of running a successful recruiting operation and our franchise-owners’ industry knowledge and experience, we put you in a uniquely powerful position to impact the companies in your particular industry. Together, we make you a valuable resource for your customers (both companies looking to hire and individuals open to new job opportunities).

Successful recruiting professionals enjoy significant potential earnings. For example, recruiters in professional services industries typically charge the hiring company some percentage of a new hire’s first year salary. This is often in the 20-30% range. In addition, there are other revenue streams including retained search and temporary staffing.

A recruiting career can be an easy transition from a corporate career and FPC is there with you every step of the way.

We help you set attainable goals, help you track activity and provide support to you and your employees to help you succeed.  Read more about how we support you along your journey to success.

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