Roadmap to Success: Creating an Effective Job Search Strategy

By Steve Margalit, FPC National

It’s daunting. The idea of launching a job search seems like a monumental task, especially in the midst of a pandemic. When you look at all of the things you must do to land a job, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. From crafting your resume to honing your interviewing skills to finding the right recruiter – where do you even start?

Envisioning the entire scope of your job search is a surefire way to put yourself into a panic. The key is not to attempt to do everything at once; just take the first step. And once you do that, you move on to the next step and then the next. Before you know it, you’re posting on LinkedIn about your amazing new job!

It’s important to take a common-sense approach to finding a job. Here is your roadmap:

Identify Your Target

Identify target and shoot arrow into bulls-eye to diagnose or pinpoint a problem or location and get a direct hit

Start the process by identifying your target position. While it may seem intuitive that you should keep your options open, you will have better results if you are able to select a specific field, job, and level. This way, you can position yourself as an expert on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and in your networking. Having no focus or more than one focus will make your resume and your personal brand weaker, and it will send a mixed message to employers.

While some job seekers try to work around this issue by having multiple resumes for multiple targets, you can only have one LinkedIn profile, which is a critical component of an effective job search. Those who are able to narrow the scope of their job searches to a single target are better able to secure a competitive advantage within that field.

Get Organized

Adopting an organized, systematic approach is the next step in launching a successful job search. Rather than waking up every morning and scrambling to try to figure out what you should do that day to find a job, have a pre-set list of tasks to perform. If you are not currently working, then looking for a job is your new job; make sure to use your time wisely with meaningful activities. If you are presently employed, then you must find the time in your schedule to make progress every single day.

A daily job-search to-do list consists of activities that move you closer to your goal of landing a job. They include outreach, networking, researching companies, LinkedIn maintenance, cover letter writing, interview preparation, and follow-up. Creating your list will make looking for a job less overwhelming and leave you feeling more organized and optimistic.

Set a Realistic Timeline

3D illustration of a timeline on kraft paper with focus on 2020 and a blue thumbtack. Year two thousand and twenty

Securing the right job will not happen overnight. It is a process that requires considerable effort and persistence. While you may hear stories of people who find success after sending out just one resume, this is the exception, rather than the rule. And there are stories about people who take years to find a job, but that is also uncommon, especially with a well-thought-out strategy. Be sure to make progress every single day and you will expedite the process. While it is impossible to tell how long an individual job search will take, you can reasonably expect it to take months, rather than weeks or years, to reach your goal.

At times, success may seem elusive, but you will get there with the right attitude, approach, and effort. Understanding that it won’t happen immediately will help you to better manage your expectations and keep a positive attitude through all of the peaks and valleys you will experience during this process.

Find the Right Recruiter

The good news is that you do not have to conduct your job search completely on your own. Partnering with an experienced recruiter who understands your profession and your field will help to open the right doors. Your recruiter will also guide you in how you can best present yourself on your resume, on LinkedIn, and in interviews.

At FPC, our top-tier recruiters throughout the nation have helped thousands of candidates transition to the next stage of their careers. All of our recruiters are focused on the needs of job seekers, and they subscribe to our motto, “It’s all about the people.” When you are ready to launch your job search, reach out to your local FPC recruiter to start the process.

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Steve Margalit

Steve Margalit