You’re Intelligent. Experienced. Hungry. You Just Need That One Big Idea to Launch your Own Business, Right?
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You’re intelligent. You’ve got experience under your belt. Most important of all, you’re hungry to succeed. You just need to figure out what that one killer idea is that you should pour your entrepreneurial heart into


The trouble is that that one killer idea just never seems to materialize. Just when you seem on the verge of a breakthrough, your research shows that something about the idea is not quite right. Perhaps your market research shows a worrying lack of appetite in the market for what you want to offer; or maybe there are barriers to entry that effectively freeze out the competition, certainly where a small startup with limited financial resources is concerned.

Sometimes the idea may be great and the demand is there, but you’re still thwarted because the numbers just don’t stack up. The financials of course are critical: businesses need good ideas to succeed, but they also need hard, cold cash. If you can’t sustain a venture through its tough startup phase it doesn’t matter how groundbreaking your idea is – it will fail.

Maybe there’s another way…

Is it possible that you have been looking so hard for something unique and pioneering that you have missed an opportunity that is much closer to home? Do you really need a ‘eureka’ moment to have a chance at succeeding in your own business?

Of course not. Some hugely successful businesses are hardly original at all; they’re just really, really good at what they do. Take Amazon. They hardly invented the concept of online shopping, but that didn’t stop them from rising up and dominating it. In fact, if you look at many of the industry disruptors (Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, etc.) they are providing variations on long established market offerings.

The recruitment industry also offers a tried and tested business model, but speak to employers and you’ll hear that there is a lot of room for improvement. One common cause for complaint is the amount of time and money wasted in interviewing applicants who are clearly unsuitable for the role, or the costs incurred by the business when a recruitment partner fails to deliver a good shortlist of candidates in a swift enough timeframe. These problems arise because the recruitment consultant isn’t familiar enough with the industry to effectively find, screen and win over applicants.

But here’s where it gets exciting! This opens the door for smart, experienced, results-driven self-starters like you. With considerable experience in a specific industry vertical or functional area, you will find it’s easier to command respect and come across as credible to potential employer clients. By working with you, they will no longer have to worry about working with a recruiter who doesn’t get their company and all the intricacies of the markets served.

You will be able to ask pertinent questions to effectively weed out weaker candidates. You are also likely to recognize the signs of a future star hire, those rare diamonds who are not only suitably qualified but also adapt quickly to corporate culture and will ultimately go on to stay for many years. Get some hires like that as your track record and you will soon build up an enviable reputation that even the more established recruitment businesses would struggle to match.

What you can hopefully appreciate by now is that by running a recruitment business, you would be working in a familiar industry but in a totally different capacity to what you’re used to. So how do you go about entering this potentially lucrative field?

The best of both worlds

A franchise model, as provided by FPC, offers additional benefits to prospective business owners. Rather than having to build a brand from scratch and learn the ropes off your own back, you will be working with an already established name while receiving intensive training and ongoing support. Due to economies of scale, you will also be able to access some of the latest recruiting tools for a lot less than you would if you purchased them alone.

A franchise eliminates most of the cost and risk associated with going into business while maintaining the benefits of autonomy and earning potential.

Employers and serious candidates are crying out for passionate, intelligent and experienced recruiters who can bring them together efficiently for the benefit of all concerned.

Are you still looking for that one big idea? Or do you think you might have just found it? Please contact Steve Margalit at to start your journey into business today!


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