Why today’s job market makes a recruiting franchise a solid career opportunity
Executive Recruiting

A recent article in “Investor’s Business Daily” bore a provocative headline, “Job Security Never Better, But That’s Bad News About The Job Market.” You can read the entire article below, but the gist is that according to stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in any given month only 2% of the workforce will be downsized out of a job – maybe an all-time low. However, on the other side of that statistic, the chances for the unemployed to be hired again is also at an all-time low 26%.

The article’s author offers an array of reasons for this state of affairs that you may find interesting and with which you may or may not agree. Why we find it compelling goes to the nature of our business, executive recruiting.

Our clients want us to find them the top talent and, unfortunately for those who are long-term unemployed, they prefer that we introduce them to passive candidates, that is, those who are currently employed. In times of job security for the employed, passive candidates are hard to come by. They’re not up on job boards and they’re not responding to positions posted on company websites.

Recruiters in Demand

That being the case, companies use executive recruiters to fill these critical job roles. In times like these our job orders go up. Fortunately, here at FPC, we can work within our network of franchise offices – mostly focused on recruiting for the manufacturing sector – to identify and introduce top talent to our clients even in a tight talent environment. Obviously, this is good for our business.

We identify with the plight of the unemployed, especially executives over age 40. In fact, we’ll soon be sharing our recruiters’ methods to give job searchers an edge in the marketplace when we publish our two-part ebook, Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight: the FPC Recruiters’ Guide to Winning!

In the meantime, if you’re concerned about being one of the 2% to be downsized next month, download our popular recorded webinar, “A Great Career Opportunity You May Have Never Considered,” and learn more about recruiting, franchising and FPC.


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