Why a Recruitment Business is the Perfect Option for Anyone Wanting to Launch Their Own Business
Recruiting Franchise

AdobeStock_75864049 [Converted]-1Few people go through their lives without wondering whether they could launch a successful business of their own. Many dismiss it as a pipe dream; others look into the statistics about business failure rates and decide the risk is too high. Then there are all those who actually bite the bullet and start building a business – only to see it fail early on when it was only just getting established.

Now while it’s unfortunately true that most start-ups will shut within their first years in business, there are nonetheless things you can do to improve your odds of emerging as a winner. One key success factor is working on a business that’s in a market where you have valuable prior experience and expertise that will therefore increase your chances of success.

What kind of business would I have that kind of experience and expertise in, you may well ask? Well in this article we’ll look at why a recruitment business allows you to leverage the skills and expertise you already possess – and may therefore be the ideal option for those looking to avoid the biggest pitfalls of business ownership.

Low cost of entry and reduced risk

Many would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners underestimate the financial pressures that face a fledgling business. Unless they happen to have a wealthy backer or have built up a substantial war chest over the years, new business owners often find themselves very quickly struggling with cash flow. Meanwhile, their product or service stubbornly refuses to perform in line with the projections upon which the whole business plan and business viability were based.

So how is recruitment any different? Well, starting a business in the recruitment sector offers much better prospects and is particularly suited to those wanting to avoid the risks of other startup options. Recruitment is a service with a proven business model and with only modest barriers to entry. In addition, much of the skillset needed to become a successful recruiter can be trained. What this means, in practice, is that the time needed for your business to become profitable – and therefore the likelihood of your business being around for the long run – is greatly enhanced.

Making the most of your industry experience

One key reason a recruitment business may be a great option for you to consider is because of the role industry or functional experience has in driving success in this sector. Although some young, talented business people do make a success of a startup recruitment business, more often than not a lack of experience will count against them.

People who have served decades in a specific industry, whether that is accounting, finance, biotech, insurance, consumer goods or any one of dozens of other areas, are well placed to succeed. With that background, you are likely to already have a good network – and are well placed to build connections with potential employers. Your knowledge of the specialist area also means you’ll be able to build trust and credibility in the market more quickly than someone coming straight to a recruitment career from college. All of which is great for winning those first few clients and also winning the trust of the candidates you speak with.

More importantly, though, employers don’t want to spend time educating recruiters about the nuances of their particular industry. Or worse still interviewing – and even hiring – candidates who aren’t a strong match for the role and company culture. Consequently, they are much more likely to trust a recruitment business owner who knows their industry inside out and already speaks the same language and understands the trends and pressures in that particular niche.

Last but not least, working within a familiar industry is also far more comfortable for the recruitment business owner. It’s less of a step into the unknown than a total start-up venture in an uncharted market. Plus you’ll find it provides a way to “give back” to others in your industry, which is a particularly rewarding aspect of recruitment in general. Just think how rewarding it would be to spot a star candidate and smooth their pathway into a role in which they can shine? Great for you, great for the company and great for the candidate – which is why it can be such a rewarding choice of business to pursue.

So how do you take that next step of becoming a recruitment business owner?

You could, of course, seek to start out in recruitment for yourself. You’d be learning the hard way what works and what doesn’t work in recruitment; learning all the pitfalls of dealing with candidates and clients. All of which lengthens the time it takes for your business to become profitable and therefore increases your odds of failure.

Alternatively, FPC’s exciting franchise model is creating win-win relationships between experienced industry professionals wanting to set up their own businesses; jobseekers hunting for the role of their dreams and employers looking to find them. We provide two weeks of intensive training before supporting new business owners to open up an FPC office. We help you with all aspects of building your business from licensing, lease negotiations and technology to providing you with affordable access to the best tools of the trade.

Sound intriguing? If you’ve always dreamed of running your own business – or this article has opened your eyes to the opportunity – your future awaits. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Steve Margalit at or 212-302-1141 ext. 804.


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