Welcome to the FFC Recruiting Franchise Opportunity Blog!

The FFC Recruiting Franchise Opportunity Blog is about creating awareness of a career option that you may not have considered — and to offer helpful information about taking advantage of that option.

You are likely here because you are seeking your next career move and looking for an opportunity that makes sense and feels right to you. Many men and women in career transition consider starting or purchasing an independent business – especially those looking for alternatives to another corporate position. In this pursuit they usually explore franchise ownership.

However, rarely have they considered a career in executive recruiting, where they can leverage their career experience to jump start success in their own business. In fact, we expect there is a greater possibility that you found our website through a search related to franchising rather than executive recruiting. That was the case with 85% of current owners of FPC National recruiting offices, who had no experience in recruiting and had never thought of it as a career possibility.

Once they recognized the benefits of this respected business consulting profession, they moved ahead to start their successful recruiting franchise firms, with support and training from the FPC team.

We hope our blog will be a resource to help you evaluate recruiting and franchising as a viable way to:

  • Gain personal and professional freedom
  • Build an asset for yourself and your family
  • Take control of your career in a way that allows for the lifestyle you desire

The blog is also meant to remain an informational resource for new and veteran FPC owners on all matters related to operating a small business, franchising and executive recruiting. We’ll be covering:

  • What to look for in the due diligence process
  • How to take advantage of franchise training and support
  • Why it makes sense to follow the franchise system
  • How to build long term relationships with your clients
  • How to find and hire the right staff, vendors and resources
  • How the FPC network can help you kick-start revenues
  • Selling over the phone and online
  • Many other topics to get you started on the right track – and keep you there!

We’ll also address recruiting industry and general business news and trends. From time to time, you’ll find guest posts from industry experts and interviews with FPC owners on how they’ve handled business and recruiting issues and operated successful offices.

We hope you’ll subscribe to the blog and take advantage of the other content on the website that we’ll be sharing over time. You’re invited to comment and ask questions here, and you may always feel free to pick up the phone and call us.

All our best to you,

The FPC Team

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