Executive Recruiting & Franchise Ownership Play Key Role in Talent Attraction

By Steve Margalit, Manager of Growth & Development 

Recently, Jeff Herzog, FPC President, penned McKinsey and LinkedIn Stress Talent Attraction As Key Differentiator “Both McKinsey and LinkedIn have stressed that Talent Attraction will be a key business differentiator. The repercussions for the strategic importance of HR to a business – and the significance of their recruitment capabilities and recruitment supplier choices – cannot be overstated.” FPC Worldwide, a recognized pioneer in the executive recruiting industry, has developed many innovations that have become recruiting standards and best practices in identifying top talent.  FPC franchise owners bridge the gap in reducing costs to hire and increase accuracy with a streamlined recruitment process that delivers highly qualified candidates, aiding in creating businesses’ competitive advantage.  Many corporate professionals overlook leveraging their experience to directly benefit from today’s recruiting climate.

I often pose the question to transitional professional, budding millennials, and tentative entrepreneurs – Have you ever considered self-employment instead of corporate life?  If so, what would be the right business for you and how would you start build and grow it?

There are lots of options both inside and outside franchising for self-employment.

As one sifts through whether to embark on this kind of journey here are key prerequisites:

  •  the first and most important one is the strong desire for grabbing the reins of self-employment with all its risks and reward.

We‘d like to think an FPC franchise helps reduce the risks and amplify the rewards, but my comments go well beyond franchising—they go to the meaning of one’s life in work, the most important  driver of all.

  • therefore the next very important decision has  to be—what kind of business provides the ‘what for’, the ‘why do I charge into every day’kind of motivation vital to true success in self-employment.

This is tied in with the psychological/moral dimension of what one does for a living and what this means for others.

After 34 years opening franchises in over 40 countries I can safely and happily tell you that these drivers below are paramount. It isn’t just about the money. Far from it.

  • FPC owners and recruiters help people find jobs where they can do the best work of their lives; they also help companies go from being merely in the market mix to breaking out into true market leadership through finding and hiring top talent, just as the Jeff Herzog and the McKinsey leader state. There is no getting around it.
  • FPC owners and their recruiters, bottom line,  feel very good about themselves and their work. and  for very good reason.

Making a difference is supremely important to most people, and, if one can earn a great living doing this, maybe beyond great living, then what could be a better result?

Finally, there  is something called being on the right side of history, and  of the global market. It can only be beneficial to have strong tailwinds behind whatever  business one goes into—but in our business, recruitment, due to birth and death rates, record retirement rates, skills mismatches, leadership gaps, retirement rates, record low unemployment, is truly in a golden era, as McKinsey basically states here.

Learn more about the personal, high-tech training and support we provide and about the opportunities in what is truly a global executive recruitment market. Perhaps this will spur your thinking on how effective and profitable you could be by leveraging your experience, knowledge and contacts.

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