Changing careers? How to Benefit From the Job Market Re-Set
Career Change

The job market we’ve seen since the start of the great recession may be improving in certain respects, but, overall, we’re dealing with a permanent re-set. This is based on a number of factors, including increasing global competition and disruptive technologies – like the mobile Internet, cloud technology and advanced robotics — that are affecting almost every industry.

Anyone job hunting or changing careers today needs to be mindful that traditional job security and career paths are a thing of the past. However, if you’re aware of the permanent changes in our work lives and you keep an open mind about your options, there are opportunities to be had.

A recent article in U.S. News, “How to Get a Job in a Changing Global Economy,” suggests that to get a job and to get ahead, today’s employees need to develop skills and attitudes similar to those of entrepreneurs. Well, if that’s the case, why not just become an entrepreneur?

Yes, you can learn what it takes to run your own business. And, given the job market re-set, business ownership can actually be a more solid and less risky path to building a lasting career.

We’re now in our 40th year of helping men and women to build successful businesses. Many, if not most of them, came from traditional careers in corporate America. Even though they may not have been dealing with a tough economy, they had reached a point where getting another job was not the answer to their longer term wants and needs.

Some were tired of corporate travel. Others could anticipate mergers, consolidations, relocations and other situations that could affect them unfavorably. Many were seeking better work/life balance or a bridge from corporate life to retirement.

Most had harbored a curiosity about how it would be to run their own business – even having no idea of what that might be. As part of their exploration of entrepreneurship, they investigated starting a business from scratch, buying a going concern, or purchasing a franchise.

For 85 percent, the business and career they opted for – an executive recruiting franchise – was never on the radar screen. Yet once they understood how much of their previous experience and industry knowledge they could transfer to this new role, it made much more sense than owning a frozen yogurt shop or junk hauling franchise.

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The job market re-set has created an environment that is frightening to many job seekers – especially executives in mid-career. But when you understand the underlying factors you can take a deep breath and explore options with confidence. Knowledge is power.

Consider that our executive recruiting franchises focus primarily on the manufacturing sector. That’s sent up an, “OMG!” from those who believe the media that U.S. manufacturing has seen its best days. In reality, the manufacturing world is an excellent place for recruiters.

Hiring managers need us more than ever to help fill critical roles that assure their competitiveness in the global economy. A post on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog discusses that 3.7 million jobs in the U.S. that require specialized skills are going unfilled and that the number is expected to grow.

Our conclusion is that once we understand the underlying reasons for today’s economy and job picture, and once we accept that things will never again be the way they were, we can open our minds to career changing opportunities that others may miss.

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