Career Change: The Personal & Financial Freedom of Business Ownership
Career Change

The slides on the home page of our website highlight the personal and financial freedom that comes with business ownership. This is one of the key reasons that our franchise owners join the FPC executive recruiting network. Fourth of July seems like exactly the right moment to highlight this aspect of why you might consider owning your own business.Personal and financial freedom

As the economy continues to improve, there are signs that this is a perfect time to consider a career change out of the corporate world. The risk/reward balance has shifted to the point where being employed can be riskier than being an employer. Just this week, economic data and independent studies revealed that:

  • The economy is growing in every way except employee wages and income.
  • Because of technology, in certain sectors it takes only five people today to do the work of eight just a few years ago.
  • Manufacturing in the U.S. is up sharply in the second quarter of 2013.

These figures tell a cautionary tale for mid-career executives seeking the next step in their professional lives. On the other hand, they spell opportunity for FPC owners, who focus in manufacturing industries.

As an owner and an employer, it’s a great time to find talented employees to help you build your business. In our business – executive search – recruiters are compensated based on results. This is a win-win for the owner and the recruiter. For both, the sky’s the limit. Financial freedom is a realistic goal.

In the office, you have a proven system to follow, hands-on training for you and your employees and the support of a national network of your peers. On the other hand, you have the freedom to make your office your own. You establish the professional culture and set everything up to your specs.

On the personal side, even as a hard-working recruiter and business owner, your days are structured to allow you to have an enjoyable lifestyle. Family time and leisure pursuits fit into your schedule.

Work hard at rewarding work. Have a good life. Build an asset for your future – and your family’s.

We’ve seen this success happen many times in 40 years of franchising FPC offices. We’re passionate about helping our family of owners succeed. And we’re passionate about the business we all engage in.

Freedom the FPC way.

Happy 4th of July!

If you have some extra leisure time this weekend, you may want to watch our recorded webinar about Executive Recruiting, Franchise Ownership and FPC.


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