Buying a Franchise: What’s Your Franchise Personality?
Executive Recruiting


One critical service that executive recruiters perform for both companies and the executives they place is to help assure that there is a good fit. In addition to matching skills, experience and education to job requirements, it’s equally important to match personal qualities to corporate culture. The very same thing applies to buying a franchise.

Owning your own business should make you happy to get up each day and can fulfill emotional as well as financial needs. You certainly don’t want to end up in a situation where you feel like a square peg in a round hole. 

Every franchise – like every corporation – has its own culture. The culture develops based on the experiences, personal qualities and values of the franchise creators. Within a given category, you will find similar products or services and very different environments.

While you can compare investment dollars, number of years franchising, number of units and other quantitative measures, when it comes to matching your personality to a franchise, it’s a more qualitative process. It’s the part of the exploration and decision-making where you have to be honest about your own comfort level with the people you meet and the requirements for success.

Ideally, the franchise company will have given a great deal of thought and done research about the personality types that do well as owners in their franchise system. For example, we know that social skills and empathy are as important as industry knowledge for success in an FPC franchise. In your due diligence process, you should feel free to ask questions about what personal qualities successful owners exhibit. And franchise management should be very happy – and able — to answer these questions.

Of course there are some fundamental qualities that you should possess before considering investing in a franchise. Number one is that you have to be comfortable following a proven system and sharing brand identity with other franchise owners. After all, a proven system is one of the top reasons to opt for buying a franchise.

However, even regarding this basic issue, there can be variables from one franchise to another that will be either more or less desirable for you. For example, at FPC we know that closely following our system for executive recruiting leads to greater revenues. We offer as much support in following the process as an owner needs.

On the other hand, our owners have considerable leeway in how or when they handle the day-to-day activities of operating their businesses. This appeals to individuals who want structure and support in addition to a level of freedom and creativity. Our owners’ network is highly professional, yet it has a culture of family as opposed to a more buttoned up corporate feeling.

These are the intangibles that should factor into your decision process. Every man or woman exploring franchise ownership will do well to assess their personality traits and match them to the business requirements and culture of the franchises they consider.

What’s your franchise personality?

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