5 Unconventional Job Search Tips from an Executive Recruiter
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Many of the men and women who visit our website and read our blog are exploring a number of career options – including getting a new job. Some of our visitors will become interested in owning an FPC executive recruiting franchise. But for the visitors who primarily want another great job, we want to make your visit worthwhile, too.

While we are a franchise company, first and foremost we’re executive recruiters passionate about what we do. So, we’d like to share some unconventional job search tips that may very well put you ahead of the competition for that next job.

1. Be your own recruiter

Even if you are working with one or more recruiters, it’s in your interest to be your own recruiter. The next few points will give you a crash course.

2. Be an industry advocate and expert

Recruiters do best who recruit in an industry that they know inside out. They understand the job functions, the role interactions, the productivity issues, the competitive environment. Conduct your search as though you are an executive recruiter with industry-specific expertise representing you and also representing the company seeking to fill a crucial role.

3. Have a love affair with your phone

Most job searchers today make emailing resumes to potential job postings their key strategy. Even though we may use email to let potential candidates know about a position, the real success of executive recruiting happens over the phone.

Fortunately, calls from executive recruiters are generally well-received. They offer a career opportunity to an executive or someone in his or her network; they help a company to find the talent needed to meet business objectives. People tend to take our calls. If you approach your job search from the perspective of solving someone else’s problem rather than your own, they’ll take your call, too.

4. Partner with recruiters

Successful recruiters are great networkers, so get into the network of a few recruiters who are active and plugged into good jobs in your current industry or, in the case of career changers, your prospective one.

The best networkers give more than they ask for. Become a resource. Recruiters have positions to fill that aren’t suitable for you, but may be perfect for someone in your network. Instead of calling every week to see if anything new has come up for you, make an introduction.

This will keep you top of mind and well thought of by both recruiters and your spheres of influence. Your friends will want to return the favor, and when your dream job comes available, your recruiter partner will want to plug you in; plus, you’ll have a passionate advocate in your corner. You may find a recruiter partner specializing in your industry among the top professionals working in our FPC offices around the U.S.

Job Search Tips - Sell Yourself5. Be a creative marketer of you

When you’re in a job search, you’re in sales – and the product is you! The best marketing solves a problem – that idea again – and it’s well planned. Here’s where the Internet can really be your friend. Rather than sending job application emails that go into the black hole of job application emails, use online marketing to get opportunities coming to you.

Your job may be gone, but your knowledge and experience is alive and well. Start a blog and use it to provide expert commentary on news, trends and issues in your industry. You can set up a blog in an hour or two on or Blogger.

You’ll establish thought leadership and create discussion opportunities with others in the sector. Keep it positive and don’t use it to complain about companies and conditions. Offer your insights and solutions to what’s going on.

Social media is a great source of information and articles about what’s happening. Start accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and use them to monitor industry activity and converse with others on business topics of interest. Publicize your blog posts using your social media accounts, including a shortened link back to the post and before long you’ll build a following.

Rather than disappearing from the scene while you look for a new job, you’ll be right in the middle of it.

What unconventional job search techniques have you used?

Just in case you’d like to explore running your own business, download a recorded webinar about executive recruiting, franchising and us – FPC. Let us know if we can help you in any way.


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